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What We Offer

Our store is a sensory experience. When you walk in you'll be greeted with the fragrance of incense and friendly faces eager to help you on your journey.


As an independent new age book store, we offer titles in the field of Yoga, Wellness, Eastern and Western studies, and Spiritualism.  Meaning we have non-fiction books covering Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Taoism.  Additionally, we offer titles in astrology, crystals, tarot, ayurveda, cooking, and many more.  To complement our books, we carry a wide variety of incense,  jewelry, tarot, and oracle cards, incense, crystals, and deities




Our Story

Garland of Letters Bookstore first opened its doors on 12th Street in Philadelphia, PA, in 1972.


Founded by Dr. Pratap and his seven students with a passion to help others and build a community of learners.  In 1981 Garland of Letters moved to our forever home at 527 South Street and was managed by Candace Smith for over 35 years. 

Our new-age bookstore has served as a vital part of the community providing support, guidance, and friendship to all who visit.  

We pride ourselves on offering a safe space to all who enter.

With our vast selection of books and products, we're sure there is something for everyone from every generation and walk of life.

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